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If you need to sell a Classic Car, we have investors who will buy them.  Please understand we have funds to buy these cars but we do NOT pay full retail.  We have quick CASH for anyone who may need to sell their car. 

Whether or not you are dealing with an estate, divorce, loss of job, unfinished restoration, medical bills, whatever the reason may be, we can help get you quick cash for your car.

Here is a list of cars we focus on buying:

1968-1974 Dodge, Plymouth

1967-1974 Camaro

1964-1973 Mustang

​1953-1982 Corvette

Some newer cars are more difficult but some Vipers, Viper trucks, SRT, Hellcats, Demons.

Some rare engines (426 Hemi, 426 Wedge, 440, 429 Boss, 429CJ, 428CJ, 427, 454, 396, 351C, etc.) and transmissions (big block 727, FMX, C6, Turbo 400, etc.) as well.

Call or email:

972.742.8191 central zone cell