Big Block engines valley pan hold down brackets. These are New machined aluminum. The originals were steel. These work just as good, were machined to duplicate the originals and are lighter. $28 plus shipping.

1964 383 engine Mopar short block - $450

1970 Cuda BS23H0 - Original color Plum Crazy Purple, Currently automatic car with front disc power brakes and power steering. No engine or transmission.  Very rusty, will need driver frame rail repair for sure. May need more frame rail work and needs a lot of metal work!! Metal is available through AMD, Goodmark as well as other companies......

This is an under hood shaker brace I duplicate to look as the original under hood shaker braces on a 70-71 E body shaker hood. Notice this brace has wrinkles as the original braces had from the factory when they were stamped.  The holes may not line up with original trim ring.  I weld up the holes and redrill them to fit original or aftermarket trim rings.  When you use this brace, if installed correctly, it will look like an original shaker hood.  Some braces may come without holes for the trim ring so you can drill for your trim ring application.  Why pay $5-10,000 for an original shaker hood when you can easily create your own that does not have huge rust holes, tons of damage or major body work needed? 

$1,000 plus shipping for this brace.

1977 dated 440 mopar engine block.  It looks to be standard bore.  See the measurement I made on the cylinder wall. Sold !!   $450

Now you can install the engine, transmission, complete K Frame with suspension like it is suppose to be done in your classic Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth with this custom made Engine and Transmission stand.  This is very sturdy!  8 bolts and your done. (kframe bolts and trans mount bolts) These are made once an order and 70% deposit has been made. $Call for price quote. Starting at $795 based your options when we build it.

Cars For Sale

1970 - 1974 Plymouth Barracuda / Cuda and Dodge Challenger front sway bar.  This sway bar was blasted and painted and has been sitting on a shelf for years.


Parts For Sale

Used Richmond Gears for a Dana 60.  Ratio is 5.0.  Ring gear has 40 teeth and pinion has 8 teeth with 29 spline.  These came out of a historic vintage race car 70 'Cuda.  They worked fine just too much gear for the street. No shipping on this item. No returns accepted on this item. $130

1970 date code E body 426 HEMI K frame. This K Frame has the # 14 coin which would be a 426 Hemi K Frame used on a 1970 E body.   

$1,995 plus shipping. 

My neighbor is a blaster and powder coater so if you want that done before shipped that would cost extra but I can get you in touch with them. SOLD

1972 340 mopar factory Intake Manifold part # 3614025 - $200

AMC Pacer for Sale.  It runs and drives. It is unrestored.  It has some dents and dings as seen in the photo, but a fun vintage car.  It is located in Wylie, Texas not too far out of Dallas.  It has usual rust on a car this age and in Texas not salty area. The owner requested to make them an offer if you are interested.  SOLD!!!

Classic Mopar Leaf Spring Shims. These are measured at 1/8 and 1/16 when you want to accomplish a 4 wheel alignment. $40 plus shipping set of 2 of each size.


1970 440 6 pack V code Cuda.  Original 33,000 miles rotisserie restored Super Track Pack 4 speed.

Price $150,000 obo contact DJ...(567)674-0728 SOLD.

Replacement Hemi Brake Booster Valve $10 plus shipping


Used Dana 60 Spool 35 spline which came out of a 1970 'Cuda. No shipping on this item.  No returns accepted on this item.  $100

1970 Dodge Challenger RTSE 440 U Code - Public Relations Car - JS29U0B

This car is a 2 fender tag car which is loaded with options!  I do have the buildsheet.  This car has undergone a rotisserie restoration finished in 2017.  This car's first and only show was the Mopar mini-Nationals in Garland Texas where the car won the highest GOLD award in the Pentastar class which is by invitation only.

This car comes loaded with original options:

-Power steering
-Power front disc brakes
-Air conditioning
-Cruise Control
-Rear defrost
-6 way seat
-Black leather interior
-3.55 performance axle package
-Purple exterior
-White vinyl top
-26 inch radiator 956
-Rallye Gauges
-Floor console
-SE Package which features overhead console
-and more...


The two Fender Tags options read as follows:

N85 N88 R22 V6W Y05 CTD
J54 M21 M31 N41 N42
C26 C55 C62 G31 G33 H51
V1W AO1 A36 A62 B51 C16
FC7 HRX9 000 105 024064
E86 D32

2ND TAG: 26 EN2

When restoring this car, I tried to locate many date coded parts unless I already had them with the car.  The following are some of the date coded parts/ correct number coded I can remember off hand this car retains:

-master cylinder
-power booster
-disc brake calipers
-ac/heater blower motor
-radiator 26 inch 956
-Engine(F440 hp2- which means this was a second employee shift built engine. No difference from other HP engines. Just different time of day it was built. This is not numbers matching engine to the vin, but it is a 1970 440 hp engine)
-leaf springs
-torsion bars
-has rear defrost blower(which was with car before restoration) installed which was tested before installation
-Rear SE finish panel NOS according to seller and high price I paid for it. :)
-new date coded front windshield from ECS
-I restored and used the original horns which were on the car
- I restored sway bar, lower and upper control arms which were on the car before restoration

I bought many bolt kits from RT Specialties and Partsmix which I believe Dave Wise referred me to use.  I used Dave Wise's book to restore this car.  The car has new original style belts and hoses with codes on them.  Rallye gauges were restored by Performance Car Graphics. Glass in the car is the original with exception of the front windshield.  I bought a new front windshield with the date code on it from ECS.  Original style exhaust manifolds, original style new exhaust from accurate exhaust.  I POR 15 all of the seat springs before installing the new seat covers and padding.  I have dynamat installed under the carpet for very high quality insulation.  New high quality dash pad from the company in El Paso, TX known for very high quality pads which are correctly foamed around an original dash.  Over 90 % of the car has NEW wiring from Year One and Classic Industries. The remaining wiring is original.  I had an original 8 Track player restored and installed as it would have been new.  Sniff-it-out parts helped restore the cruise control unit.  I bought New leather Legendary interior (around $1,000 just for the front covers if I remember correctly) and bought the highest grade new door panel they sell.  The engine was built by Kim Barr racing in Garland, Texas.  It has stock size heads/ valves and valvetrain.  I was told it was bored 30 over.  Factory rods and steel crank in the engine. The engine was balanced and dynoed.  The report shows max of 513 ft lbs of torque and 419 hp. When painting the engine I painted with overspray over the exhaust manifolds to try and recreate a factory look.  The engine was painted with urethane street hemi orange which is the correct color.  The Rear end is a 489 casing with the 3.55 rear gears posi.  The transmission was rebuilt by Plano Transmission in Plano, Texas.  Many of the suspension parts were powder coated either clear coat being if it was suppose to be a cast color, satin or gloss black depending on the original coloring.  If you are wanting to see a list of these suspension colors there is a list on the restoration page of this website.  Many of the parts I used and colors I painted are based on the books supported by Dave Wise and Galen Govier.   I bought new tires which I belief were the correct size/ type polyglass based on the buildsheet.   I tried to restore/ create a very nice car.  I know there is no perfect car, but this car is a very nice one.  I would also like you to know that I have around $100,000 in this restoration. I was trying to build this as a piece of art and for show rather than a normal driver.

Please understand I have written this advertisement to the best of my knowledge and this car is sold in as-is condition where is with no warranty implied.  If you are a serious buyer, the best way to understand the quality of any car is to set up a time to see it. .......SOLD!

1968 J Code 426 Hemi Charger R/T - options include front disc brakes, export car, military order, Burgundy exterior, white interior, black vinyl top, power brakes, power steering.  Authenticated by Galen Govier. No build sheet.  Does have original fender tag and export tags.  Not matching engine but true HEMI car.  $139,500 or high end mopar trades plus cash. Sold!

Big Block engines valley pan hold down brackets. These are New machined aluminum. The originals were steel. These work just as good, were machined to duplicate the originals and are lighter. These are custom engraved "440 SIX PACK." $35 plus shipping.

Plymouth 'Cuda   (972)742-8191

E Body Rallye Gauge Clock Reset Knob Nut $17 plus shipping.

Used Edelbrock Mopar 383 Torker Intake part number 350-3010.  $150