AWD (All Wheel Drive) 2017 Challengers confirmed!

Road and Track has confirmed the new Dodge Challengers will start getting AWD (all  wheel drive).  It suppose to start with the V6 cars first and then slowly move through the ranks of the other optioned Challengers.  Road and Track reports "If you head to right now, you'll find a page for the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT. If you click the "Specs" tab, you'll see the Challenger GT is listed as having all-wheel drive. That's pretty official, even if it didn't come from Fiat-Chrysler.

According to the website, all-wheel-drive will only be available on the V6-equipped Challenger, at least at first. And unsurprisingly, it won't be quite as fuel efficient as the rear-wheel-drive version. Specifically, the Challenger GT is EPA-rated at 18 mpg city, 27 mpg highway, down 1 and 4 mpg compared to the RWD version, respectively." (

According to Motor Authority there will be a new ADR (American Drag Racing) Challenger coming out as a wide body Challenger.  According to photos it will have wider wheel wells and will obtain more rubber under the rear of the car for traction.  Tire sizes similar to 315s vs the current 275 tires under the Challenger. Also, HP could be bumped up from the 707 rating.  This would be the last effort with the current Challenger styling.  After this the Challenger will carry a new body style as well as another mention of a NEW Barracuda when the redesign occurs. (

New Dodge Demon

See the new video regarding the NEW Challenger T/A at :

Old School Stock Built Factory Specs 426 Hemi - Dyno Test

According to Hot Rod magazine there will be a 2018 Wide Body Dodge Hellcat.  The quarter mile time will be quicker to 10.9 with street tires, not drag radials.  Wow!  They report that cornering and handling are also improved on this already amazing car.  See the below youtube video. You can read more about this car at:

1971 Barracuda vs 1971 Mustang comparison

According to USA Today this will be the Dodge Challenger Demon SRT.  It will be even more powerful than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  Read more:

Barracuda Commercials

See the Dyno sheet that shows a 1960s-71 factory stock 426 Hemi engine did in fact create around or more than 490hp and 490ft lbs of torque. (Not the 425hp figures which were advertised when they were new, much more)

For years there has been talk of a NEW Barracuda.  I for one, having a business marketing degree, think it would be a HUGE mistake if Dodge or Chrysler did not release a new Barracuda.  With this being said it MUST be designed to replicate the OLD original styling of the 1970-1974 Barracuda's.  The Focus should be to imitate the 1970-71 Barracuda's as close as possible since those are the most popular.  This also meaning keep the look the same. It can be done similar to how the new Challengers for years were being built very similar to the 1970 style and then in 2014 they updated to look similar to the 1971 model. Rallye hoods, Rallye Gauges, Go Wing, Gull Wing, Pistol Grip, AAR hoods, Shaker Hoods, Super Track Packs are a must!  Hemi engines are a must.  426 Hemi would be nice.  Wouldn't it be nice to say you bought a NEW "HEMI CUDA."

With this being said there was talk of the new barracuda to be released in 2017.  Rumors are going around it will be replacing the Challengers.  Other rumors are saying it will have a different frame. I believe Motor Trend reported this frame to be of an Alfa-Romeo. It will possibly be built slightly smaller closer to the Mustang size. Possible engine options range from a 4 cylinder to Hemi v8.  I did also read on that in 2021 A Giorgio-based platform convertible variant called the Barracuda will arrive ( .  I hope Fiat who owns Dodge now understands the huge profit potential and volume in sales that a very nice developed original styled and historically drag racing performance machine of the Cuda can be!  When you have many challenger owners taking their challengers and adding Cuda rear lights and front grill and decals to mimic the original Barracuda and Cudas this for sure means there are MANY people who would open their wallets if this car was done right !!!

Update:NEW 2020 Barracuda or Cuda to replace the Vipers

Recently I read a new report that the VIPER was being replaced by a performance 'Cuda, Yes a performance 'Cuda!  In Autowise they talk about a NEW Cuda in 2020 from SRT. Again, is this another rumor?  They say that the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant is retooling for a new "specialty vehicle with Legendary roots."  The name is unclear as well.  Will it be the Chrysler or Dodge Barracuda or Cuda?  A negative I read is Autowise thinks the pricing will be expensive like the Vipers.  They expect these Cuda's to be specialty vehicles which should draw a hefty price.  It will have less producton than the Challenger and it is unclear what chassis will be used. The power plant is predicted to be another supercharged Monster of power!  The design hopefully is true as reported as having a "nostalgia" appearance. I hope it looks almost identical to the classic 1970 and 71 Barracuda/ Cuda's personally.

You can read more about this at:

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR and Hellcat ADR

2017 Challenger T/A

2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Wide Body

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